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In order to meet the diverse and constantly increasing need for training, there are two different departments who are responsible for your qualification within the Würth Group: the Würth Business Academy (WBA) and the Akademie Würth. This holistic approach provides the best opportunities – for our international management level as well as for the professional qualification and personal development of all employees.

The Akademie Würth provides you with international specialist and management trainings. Let us inspire you and prepare yourself for the challenges of tomorrow.


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Performance Review

1. Performance Review

Your target agreements are agreed upon with your supervisor.

Training registration

2. Training registration

Please register up to six weeks before the training starts directly via the Learning Campus. Please note, that your participation has to be approved by your supervisor.

Confirmation of registration

3. Confirmation of registration

You will receive a confirmation from us after receipt of your registration.


4. Invitation

In due time before training starts you will receive the invitation from us with all relevant information. Separately, you will receive a registration form to enter your data. We are happy to support you with your travel needs.


5. Visa

Please inform us if you need a formal invitation letter for your visa application. Please note that you are responsible for any further organizational steps.


6. Cancellation

Cancellations must be made in written form. More than 7 days: In case of an urgent reason, no charges will apply. Less than 7 days: Based on our cancellation terms, charges will apply for the cost of the training.


7. Information

1 to 2 weeks before training starts you will receive a final overview of important information.


8. Feedback

Take the chance to give us your personal feedback!


9. Certificate

After a successful participation you will receive your personalized certificate.


10. Invoice

After your successful participation in a training, you will receive an invoice.

Implementation in your work life

11. Implementation in your work life

Find a time to discuss your development with your supervisor. Try to develop an action plan together and review it regularly.


The world of Akademie Würth – come and get to know us!

Our 6 main topics

Would you like to discover more exciting topics and trainings? Are you looking for suitable trainings, target-oriented consulting or are you looking for a personal development program in German? Dive in yourself in the world of Akademie Würth and learn more about the variety of topics at wuerth.de/akademie.

Expertise and methods

Exploiting potentials

In these trainings, you will gain the ability to organize processes and your everyday work efficiently and effectively, as well as deepen your specialist knowledge. Gain the power of self-conviction for situations like negotiations, presentations and communication.

Leadership and personality

Developing personalities

Create your own behavior: Realistic, focused and self-confident. In this topic area, we support you in achieving a better and more sophisticated perception of your self-image and the external image. You will get an overview of the leadership system and learn valuable models as well as target-oriented methods to act effectively.

Health and prevention

Secure performance

Health is the base for high-performing and innovative employees. Shape your performance and health in a more positive way in consideration of operational processes and workflows. In these trainings, you will learn how to prevent risks or react in tricky situations. We make you fit for a successful future.

Language and culture

Communicate international

Do you also want to act professionally and confidently in international interactions and during visits abroad? Our range of trainings will sensitize you to deal professionally with cultural and linguistic diversity.

Technology and practice

Apply technical knowledge

Do you not only like to know the current standards, but also be able to use them? Expand your technical knowledge and learn from professionals how to handle even more safely and effectively.

Management systems

Control process workflows

Would you like to know the current standards and norms and would you like to establish them in your company? Take a look at our wide range of training programs on this topic.

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Akademie Würth
Your contact person: Franziska Pietz
Reinhold-Würth-Straße 12-17
74653 Künzelsau-Gaisbach
E-Mail: franziska.pietz@wuerth.com


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