Vending Solutions




  • 24/7 product availability
  • Reduction of product usage by up to 35%
  • No stock-out situations
  • Less costs due to lower inventory requirements
  • Reduction of costs in the supply chain

These efficiency and productivity improvements are only some of the advantages vending solutions by Würth can provide.

Vending is a topic that has always been a part of the Würth strategy. The Würth Group has always been innovative, devising new solutions to improve procurement processes in C-Parts management for customers. The strategic advantage of the vending machine: exact registration and identification of all transactions by every employee. This way, customers can achieve a reduction of their MRO products by up to 35% and an increase in productivity. Besides the financial benefits of reduced transaction costs, another advantage is the 24/7 availability of vending machines. Vending is flexible, which means that compartments in a vending machine can be adjusted to the current consumption record and to customer requirements.

Würth can cover the full range of vending machine options. Over the last years, the Würth Group developed an in-house solution. This vending solution facilitates the procurement and management of Würth products and the system is also easily expandable and designed to cover the most common requirements. The data security does not pose any risks for our customers since the vending machines are operated with their own databases that are managed by Würth.



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