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Welcome to the careers portal of the Würth Group, a family owned group of companies and world market leader in the development, production and sale of fastening and assembly materials. . With your visit to our site, you have already taken the first step into potentially securing a new, exciting and fulfilling career with us.

We are growing steadily, while venturing into new markets and expanding our product range, due to continuous demand. Our secret to being a great employer: we give our employees responsibility, first class training, security and freedom. All of this is underpinned within an environment where togetherness counts. With your ideas, you determine the success. We are proud of our employees!

Join the Würth Group family! We offer a wide range of career opportunities around the world, from sales to office positions, management and specialist roles.

If you are ambitious and want to grow your career in a dynamic and expanding environment, take a look at what we have to offer. As part of the Würth Group, a new exciting career path awaits you.


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We currently consist of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries with over 83,000 employees. We are growing around the globe as we work to achieve our vision of employing 100,000 people worldwide by 2025. Discover our locations by taking a look at our interactive world map and learn more about each of our companies and subsidiaries. Find out if we're in an area close to you.


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The Würth Group
Who we are

The Würth group is a family owned business and the global market leader in the development, production and sale of fastening and assembly materials. However, we do much more. Find out about Würth group today, in the past and our vision for the future.


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Würth Group as an employer
What we offer

We offer rewarding and stable careers through support, training and stewardship. All of this is underpinned by our inspiring and motivational values that are practiced by every Würth Group employee around the world. Do you share the same goals and aspirations?


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Vacancies in the Würth Group
Career opportunities
Exciting tasks

Sales is of course a major part of our set up, however, sales is far from all we have to offer as a career. Do not be mistaken and discover what you can become.


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Whether you are a student looking for your first job or an experienced professional, success and development are on offer to you as part of the Würth Group family.


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What our employees think about Würth


What you have read so far about us is not mere theory. We have asked those who know best: some of our valued current employees. Get to know them and their very personal views on the Würth Group.


Interview with Würth employee

Kent, Goran, Anna, Kaajal and Irene from Würth Canada give you an insight into their work and show you what it is like to work for Würth. They particularly appreciate the solidarity among each other and the support of their colleagues.

Alberto has joined Würth Italy as a search engine marketing specialist in early 2018. He likes the flexibility and independence he has. Rebecca is in charge of all of Würth Italy’s social media channels. She is still surprised about the young work environment.

Interview with Würth employee
Interview with Würth employee

Stefan is employed as a Regional and Technical Manager at the HSR-Group, one of the Würth Groups many subsidiary companies. He loves the flexibility he has got in his job and the appreciation he receives.


Jobs worldwide


We offer a vast array of great career opportunities internationally. Wherever you are based around the world, the first steps to discovering an exciting career, is waiting for you right here. Click the link below to discover which careers we have on offer in which locations.

Tipps for your application


Tipps for your application

Are you new to writing applications or simply a bit out of practice? Do not worry. We have collected some pointers on what we need to know and how you show us your best in your application.


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