With precision and technique

"It's all about technique" - this slogan has accompanied our sponsoring commitment with the German ski association DSV, which has been in place since the 2002/2003 season. No matter whether it's in winter sports or at Würth, to be successful you need to have the right technique. However, this also implies that you have to continue to develop and therefore prepare the ground for innovation so that you ultimately end up that proverbial step ahead of the competition. Both the DSV and Würth know that technique and technology lay the ground for everything else.

Alpine skiing

The German alpine ski racers have also been true guarantees for success during the last years. After a sensational second run, Felix Neureuther claimed his third medal at World Championships at the FIS Alpine World Championships St. Moritz 2017. Yet with slalom specialist Linus Straßer and speed talent Andreas Sander, the German alpine ski team boasts another two promising athletes. As for the German ladies, Viktoria Rebensburg is always an athlete with the potential to reach the podium.

Würth and DSV Viktoria Rebensburg Würth and DSV Viktoria Rebensburg


Würth and DSV Felix Neureuther Würth and DSV Felix Neureuther


Thomas Dressen winning on Streif 2018 Thomas Dressen winning on Streif 2018




The fascination of biathlon lies in the direct duel with the opponents and the permanent change of positions at the rifle range. Those who are only skating fast do not stand a chance. And neither do those who are only skilled shooters. The combination of both is decisive. For years, the German biathletes have mastered this art successfully. At the IBU World Championships 2017 in Hochfilzen, Austria, the German biathlon team gained seven Gold medals and eight medals in total. Laura Dahlmeier claimed five wins in Hochfilzen – more than any other athlete competing at World Championships before. Simon Schempp and Benedikt Doll both won their first individual Championships Gold medals.

Biathlon Würth Biathlon Würth


Biathlon Würth 2 Biathlon Würth 2


Biathlon Würth 3 Biathlon Würth 3



At the turn of the millennium, ski jumping in Germany was considered "the Formula One of winter". At that time, ski-jumping stars Sven Hannawald and Martin Schmitt were cheered by hundreds of thousands of fans. After mediocre years, the German team around Severin Freund, Andreas Wellinger and Carina Vogt has seen an upswing in recent years. After winning Gold at the Winter Olympics in 2014, Vogt won the World Championships in Falun in 2015 and regained her title in Lahti in 2017. Andreas Wellinger won two silver medals in the individual ski jump events. Together with Svenja Würth and Markus Eisenbichler, Vogt and Wellinger furthermore won the Gold medal in the mixed team event.

Skijumping_Würth Skijumping_Würth


Skijumping Würth 2 Skijumping Würth 2


Skijumping Würth 3 Skijumping Würth 3


Nordic combined

The Nordic combined is a mixture of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. The German Nordic combined athletes have always delivered in recent years, achieving consistent excellence. Ever since 2001, the team of national coach Hermann Weinbuch succeeded in bringing home medals from every World Cup and Olympic Games. The German athletes dominated all four Nordic combined events at the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships 2017 in Lahti, Finland. Taking home four Gold medals, Johannes Rydzek excelled at the Championships. He claimed Gold in the two individual Nordic combined events, set the pace in the team sprint with Eric Frenzel and defended the German title in the Nordic combined relay with Frenzel, Björn Kircheisen and Fabian Riesle.

nordic_combined_wuerth_1 nordic_combined_wuerth_1


nordic combined wuerth 2 nordic combined wuerth 2


nordic combined wuerth 3 nordic combined wuerth 3



Cross-country skiing

For many years, the German cross-country skiers have been a safe bet. While in earlier decades Germans mainly thought of sports reporter Bruno Moravetz famously asking "Where is Behle?" after leading skier Behle seemed to have vanished into thin air, today's team draws attention to itself with an excellent skiing performance. As in 2015, German athletes did not win any medals at the World Championships 2017. The men's team did not win a medal but high hopes can be held especially for the young sprinters.

Langlauf_wuerth_1 Langlauf_wuerth_1


Langlauf_wuerth_2 Langlauf_wuerth_2


Langlauf_wuerth_3 Langlauf_wuerth_3